Rare NFT Staking on GemGuardian is Live!!!

6 min readNov 25, 2021

Go to this link for a refresher on How to Enter NFT Staking from our previous guide: NFT Staking

Rare NFTs are a fun and exciting way to show off your guardians and dragons. There is a very slim chance of getting a rare NFT when claiming loot boxes. The best way to secure a rare NFT is to stake GEMG to earn rewards points to claim one. The number of claimable rare NFTs from staking is limited.

Other than having a cool looking rare NFT to show off, there are additional benefits. One of the major benefits is that they directly increase your chances of winning battles, which means more income! Normal characters have a 10% edge over elements that they’re superior against, but rare characters have a 20% edge over elements that they’re superior against. Income per battle also increases as your character levels up, which again means more income!

Check out the Reward Calculator here for impact on levels and battles won to income.

Claiming Staking Rewards for Rare NFTs

In order to obtain rare NFTs, you need to stake GEMG. Staking 1 GEMG will earn you 1 reward point per day. You can stake up to a maximum of 10,000 GemG to earn 10,000 points per day. After you’ve followed the guide on how to stake GEMG, you’ll start to see your Points grow. Once you have enough points, you can claim them for the rare NFTs.

Points Redemption Model for Rare Guardian and Dragon NFTs:

Rare Steel Sir Bors De Ganis Guardian or Rare Ice Longwei Dragon — 150,000 points (15 days if 10,000 GemG is staked) (limited to 5 characters)

Rare Wood Dagonet Guardian or Rare Wood Dwarf Guardian or Rare Wood Wyvern Dragon — 300,000 points (30 days if 10,000 GemG is staked) (limited to 10 characters)

Rare Ice Narca Guardian or Rare Ice Raymond Guardian or Rare Steel Scylla Dragon — 450,000 points (45 days if 10,000 GemG is staked) (limited to 10 characters)

Rare Earth Orc Guardian or Rare Fire Khaleesi Dragon — 600,000 points (60 days if 10,000 GemG is staked) (limited to 10 characters)

Rare Earth Radiqum Dragon — 750,000 points (75 days if 10,000 GemG is staked) (limited to 10 characters)

Guardians -

Rare Steel Sir Bors De Ganis Guardian — The rare Sir Bors de Ganis is much blessed with enormous powers. Legend has it, he can trample no matter who or what comes in his way, and the only means to stop him is to find a very learned, skilled, and worthy opponent.

Rare Wood Dagonet Guardian — The rare Dagonet was formerly identified as King Arthur’s court fool before being knighted to the Round Table because of his loyalty and comedic talents, which was his powerful weapon against rivals and enemies. His comical battle talents are reinforced to the highest extent.

Rare Wood Dwarf Guardian — The rare version of Dwarf comes bringing the zest of action-packed battle. He who is considered as one of the earliest races is also the one who matured, experienced, and lived on the wisdom of winning rough and tough battles.

Rare Ice Narca Guardian — Narca’s rare version is one for the antique almanac of the greatest warlords. As the human-form offspring of Ormoc, he is enshrined in the history of Ormocdania as one of the powerful characters next to Ormoc himself.

Rare Ice Raymond Guardian — The rare Raymond is a successor of the countship and spearheaded campaigns against infidels and other unchristian beliefs. His battle wits and strategies are heightened as a remote ivory tower. With him on the card, nothing assures the best of a win but Raymond.

Rare Earth Orc Guardian — The rare Orc is aggressive, brutish, and pregnant of malevolent desires and intentions, Orcs are the counterpart of dwarves. Nothing beats their incredibly bolstered impulse to wreak havoc. Orc’s rare version is the best armament to incur damage and defeat to enemies.

Dragons -

Rare Ice Longwei Dragon — The rare Longwei breaks the face of contingency by transcending greatness itself. Overcoming the normal binaries of good and evil, peace and war, life and death; to simply put it, by embodying greatness itself.

Rare Wood Wyvern Dragon — The rare wyverns are as razor-sharp as the edges of javelins and as venomous as snakes. Sharp as the legendary Damascus and as venomous as Easter Brown snake, they’ve become most deadly from the most unique of all dragons and deliver instant death to opponents.

Rare Steel Scylla Dragon — The rare Scylla was once a beautiful nymph later turned into a monstrous creature out of Circe’s jealousy. They are not an easy opponent, for it does not bring destruction; it is destruction incarnate.

Rare Fire Khaleesi Dragon — The rare version of Khaleesi has no equal rival for excellence and desirability. Khaleesi is said to be widely regarded as the queen of dragons and surpasses the queenly abilities, skills, attributes, and magnificence in the battle as accounted by the sages of the old.

Rare Earth Radiqum Dragon — One of the rarest dragons in the West. The oral tradition says that Radiqum has the special ability to summon radioactive metallic elements and could cast binding spells. Radiqum’s rare version is the most threatening dragons among all. Other Western dragons bow down to the inimitable and unmatched powers that only Radiqum possesses, aside from his other unrevealed powers.

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