Why GemGuardian Is The Next Axie?

3 min readOct 2, 2021



Today’s prevalent craze in the internet world is more about the revolution brought by NFT games. Because online games are easier, comfortable, convenient, and fun to play, with requirements of only either a phone or a desktop computer and internet connectivity, many and more people are hopping in. Innovators of online games, too, are embracing this craze with cosmopolitan prominence. As part of the era wherein disruptions are somehow seen as though mushrooms sprouting rampantly and surprisingly, NFT games are sure to bring the emergence of technological opportunity and proclivity — both of which would undoubtedly come from various people, cultures, countries, etc.

Axie Infinity has arguably the top spot of NFT-utilizing, blockchain-based games, at least in the Philippines and in some other neighboring countries. According to a Rappler article, Filipinos are driving the growth of Axie Infinity, given that its model is an enthusiastic user base and innovative scholar model, allowing players to gain decentralized control, share, and big earning.

Aside from the mentioned, Axie Infinity’s success is of no surprise. It is a revolution that bested other traditional schemes of games, which most are mostly pure investing and playing without a promise of a monetary return, though unless speaking of Valve’s DOTA2, Moonton’s Mobile Legends, and other established online PVP games which could be opportunities for real-world earnings for players.

Axie Infinity is stacking up more players and forming a culture that is able to breed adaptability to the perils of these difficult times while not discarding the fun and the thrill and the hope of economic utility after all the smarts, grit, and grind.

The Promise of GemGuardian:

To begin with, upon hearing for the first time the name GemGuardian, there pop enmeshing associations of a game with everything about battle and gems, as the theme suggests. But the real deal exceeds its name. GemGuardian has set its purpose to disrupt or revolutionize the internet or be the evolution of the internet, as having its own version of metaverse as the game’s ecological world and economy. The overarching theme is largely different, too, since Gemguardian’s is a medievalistic-fantastic hunt for the gems which are bound to be retrieved scattered in the game’s continents.

To put up a better understanding, the difference between GemGuardian and Axie is that the former features action-engaging characters, items, and gems with resemblances of an RPG and that is to set an environment of chivalric knight-errantry. Searching for gems; leveling up Guardians and Dragons, their XP, aura, attack and defense; and winning battles to carve more out of the starting investment makes the game unique and promising.

GemGuardian, like Axie, strives to establish a paradigm shift and a paradigm shift itself, planting a disruptive, creative, and genuine opportunity for all who wish to experience the game. In addition, it prides itself on its “play-to-earn” feature that has a lot of interesting twists and yet-to-discovered developments.

Conclusive Part:

NFT games are becoming more amusing these days. Without expending the in-game essentials and post-game effects, both GemGuardians and Axie are on their way to be the most played games of the year, if not the century. GemGuardians will most likely soar as the next Axie Infinity as it would provide a different environment of a game and fun while earning. It is also noteworthy that GemGuardians is an adaptive way fitting the most essential thing today: fun and earning through gaming. Adaptability-wise is the key to the game’s current triumph and future success.

GemGuardian’s existence is somehow analogous with a quote that is attributed to Charles Darwin: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is one that is most adaptable to change.

Looking forward to playing and earning with you!

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