What is an NFT Game? A Deep Dive Into GemGuardian’s Gameplay Mechanics

What is NFT

Before delving deep into the world of NFT games, it is best to understand the basics. NFT stands for “non-fungible tokens,” and they are online assets representing concrete objects. NFTs are non-fungible because they are not tradeable, and they are just operating as “certificates of originality” of online assets.

Despite the fact that people could just easily duplicate online assets by, say, copying and pasting, NFTs are to emboss uniqueness. Thus, it enables originality and scarcity o online art, photo, music, video, and even in-game character. The original the online asset is, the higher the value is.

While some players are still engrossed with the traditional style of gaming, online games are now engaging NFTs as part of changing the gaming landscape. Creators and innovators of the gaming industry are seeing this as an essential and crucial part of taking into a new height the ecosystem and the gaming experience of players. Moreover, it is also an adaptive move to fit in these times wherein there are many to lose and so little to earn.

What do we mean by an NFT Game?

NFT games are freshmen in the industry, and they are here to provide a jaw-dropping feature. NFT games are online games introducing the “play-to-earn” feature. While retaining some of the most utilized features from the traditional games, what distinguishes an NFT game is that it creates an opportunity for its players to earn a substantial amount while paying.

NFT games, such as Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained, allow players to gear up in-game characters and sell them to other players. In short, NFT games are a composite of entertainment and economic opportunities. According to multiple sources, many people are already so attracted to this feature of NFT games that some of them quitted their jobs to concentrate on playing and earning at the same time.

GemGuardian, a new NFT game

The game is pretty new in the gaming block. GemGuardian is an NFT-based card game that runs on the BSC network. Its creators and developers are the GemGuardian Team, a Philippine-based team of brilliant people with tremendous experiences in their respective fields of expertise. With the sudden surge of fame of NFT games, GemGuardian is already anticipated by players and innovators as an overall uptrend of NFT games.

GemGuardian’s general gameplay and mechanics

The game’s exact theme and environment is a riddling hunt for the lost gems in the world of Ormocdania. Enjoying the game is basking in the hegemonic rule over in-game items and resources through winning battles. But it is not as easy as it would appear, for winning battles regularly do require masterful plans and strategies; and impeccable Guardians and Dragons.

Requirements to start the game

A player must first purchase:

GEMG token — a governance token utility for governance rights, staking, and payment for Lootboxes.

Gpay — is equivalent to cash and a medium of exchange in the game’s economy.

Lootboxes — they are the minimum requirements. These boxes are to be purchased for players to have either a Guardian and a Dragon. A player cannot commence head-to-head battles without 1 Guardian and 1 Dragon. Therefore, a player should purchase Lootboxes until he acquires 1 Guardian and 1 Dragon.

Elemental Guardians and Dragons — these are determining factors for a tandem of a Guardian and a Dragon to have an advantage over opposing tandems.


A certain element has an advantage over another element. For example, fire gem over ice; earth against fire, and so on. This means that the natural dominance of one element over another increases the chances of winning by 20%. Weaker elements, on the other hand, will have a 20% decreased chances of winning.

Basic details

Before even battling, a player must possess an ample knowledge of the game through definitions.

Guardian — an NFT character required to play the game.

Dragon — paired with Guardian, it is the same way an NFT character required commence battling.

Element — The natural and distinctive advantage of a team over another teams.

Aura — the inner energy that is held to emanate from a character.

Game reserves allocation — these are designated to support GEMG and Gpay economy and price stability.

XP — the skill, level, or practical knowledge acquired from constant battles and victories.

Armor — the defensive capability of enduring and reducing the attack from opponents.

Attack — the antagonistic action capable of damaging opponents.

Lootbox — the mystery box necessary to be purchased by the players to obtain NFTs, items, and characters. It may also contain super rare versions that are not available within ordinary gameplay.

P2P or PVP — the player-to-player battle or player-versus-player is the opportunity for wagers to acquire more experience and other winnings.

Staking pool — an opportune space for players to lock up Gpay rewards and earn with higher interest.

Beta version — the incomplete yet under improvement version of the game where bugs and glitches may still be at play.

Alpha version — full and final version of the game in which all developments have been tested without bugs, glitches, and other unfixed issues.

Life force: the battle stamina of the Guardian, with the fullness of 1440 points. Each battle costs 240 life force, and a point of life force is replenished every after a minute.

Gameplay Process: How to start the game

  1. Swap BNB to GEMG and Gpay on pancake swap. Please leave .01BNB to cover all the transaction fees.
  2. Go to the GemGuardian app and log in with the QR code.
  3. 1 Guardian and 1 Dragon will be required to start. These characters can be obtained by purchasing and drawing them from Lootboxes.
  4. Go to Journey Mode to start first the battle by clicking the desired Guardian and Dragon in your arsenal, then click start battle and confirm the transaction on your wallet.
  5. When the battle starts, AI will generate 4 opponents. Battle simulations and results are subject to a formula that depends on many factors: Guardian’s element and aura, the roll of the dice, and XP and element of the Dragon. Therefore, the game requires wise choices and well-thought strategies to win a single battle.
  6. Click on Start Battle Simulation. Afterwhich, confirm the transaction and the battle will be in progress. After the transaction is done, the battle simulation’s result will come out. If the player wins, both the Guardian and the Dragon will gain XP, and the player’s account will obtain Gpay token as a reward. No rewards will be given if the player loses the battle simulation.

Guardians’ levels:

100–999 Aura

Gem Seeker

Reward at 1x

1000–2999 Aura

Saint Orc

Reward at 1.3x

3000–4999 Aura

Demi Orc

Reward at 1.5

5000–8999 Aura

Dragon Tamer

Reward at 1.65x

9000–12000 Aura


Reward at 1.75x

12000–15000 Aura


Reward at 2x

Dragons’ levels:

100–999 Aura


Armor and Attack 1x

1000–2999 Aura


Armor and Attack 1.3x

3000–4999 Aura

Sky Armor

Armor and Attack 1.5x

5000–8999 Aura


Armor and Attack 1.7x

9000–12000 Aura


Armor and Attack 1.8x

12000–15000 Aura


Armor and Attack 2x

Note: all aura and XP are gained after defeating an opponent. 2% of the enemies’ aura and XP will be gained every victory.

Lootbox with corresponding chances to obtain either a Guardian or a Dragon

1. Loot Box

2 GemG + 300 Gpay

1% — Rare Chance

2. Loot Box

2 GemG + 600 Gpay

2% — Rare Chance

3. Loot Box

2 GemG + 900 Gpay

3% — Rare Chance

4. Loot Box

2 GemG + 1500 Gpay

4% — Rare Chance

5. Loot Box

2 GemG + 2400 Gpay

5% — Rare Chance

6. Loot Box

4 GemG + 3900 Gpay

6% — Rare Chance

7. Loot Box

4 GemG + 6300 Gpay

7% — Rare Chance

8. Loot Box or More

4 GemG + 10000 Gpay

8% — Rare Chance

Battle Outcome Probability Calculations

Each side will roll single dice during the battle. The number generated by the dice will be multiplied by the Guardian’s and Dragon’s power, then there are chances to either be multiplied or decreased depending on their natural element.

Example: A player using Ice Guardian, possessing 120 aura, with Ice Dragon versus Fire Guardian, 150 aura, with Fire Dragon. Both players rolled 5, the formula or computation will be:

Ice: 120 x 5 x + (120 x 5) x.2 = 720 points + (720x.2) = 864 battle points

Fire: 150 x 5 x — (150 x 5) .2 = 600 points — (600 x .2) = 480 battle points

NOTE: another important thing to keep in mind is that the battle of 2 Dragons is also determined by the same formula except for the aura since it will be replaced by XP using same structure of the computation.

The next thing to take note of is if the Rare Guardian uses a 20% increase in total battle points will be added to the equation for the rare NFT. Provided that there are characters with dual elements, it follows that such characters will have dominance over characters both with a single element and 2 elements.

Results: Given the aforementioned in-game computation, Ice Guardian wins the battle and receives aura and Gpay rewards.

Current Gpay Emission Per Battle

GemGuardian’s reward system is based on the rate at which Gpay token will be minted. As more people play the game and the token increases, the reward will decrease. In the time of writing, all battles will pay out Gpay reward calculation is as follows: the formula is 0.111627 (awarded as a gas offset) + .014651 per 100 power of the enemy over a defeated enemy. Life force for all warrior aura Guardians starts at 100. Dragon’s XP, power, and defense start the same way at 100.

Note: Gpay is accrued until a player withdraws and sends it to his Metamask wallet or stakes it to the staking pool for a sure increase of interest.


1. Click on the marketplace tab on the main page. After clicking, there appears 4 sections; one for buy, one for sell, one for auctions, and one for NFT Creations.

2. In the buy and sell sections there will be options to choose from Guardian and Dragons.

3. All sections and subsections will have filters and organizers to sort all items into elements, aura, XP, and life force. This makes the players’ navigation of the platform much easier. In the auction section, players will have the power to list their Guardian and Dragon to be sold to the highest bidder.

4. The NFT creation section will have 2 tabs for Guardian and Dragon. There will be designing templates with elements, aura, XP, use cases of the NFT, and a customized designing request tab. The customized designing request will go straight to the team for approval, then we will contact the player to start the discussion. Once the design is set for either template designed or customized design, click on “generate a quote.” When the generated quote appears, click on make payment and confirm the transaction. Once NFT is finished, we will send it directly to your connected wallet.

How to use Marketplace:

1. Choose if you want to buy, sell, or auction off your NFTs

2. Choice Guardian or Dragons

3. Use filters to filter your desired Guardian or Dragon. There are available options to sort all listings by price, element, aura, and XP.

4. Once you see desired NFT, you can click on purchase then confirm the transaction with Metamask wallet.

How to stake my Gpay earned:

1. All Gpay earned will accrue no interest after earned in battles, therefore it’s best to stake it.

2. Navigate to the staking section on the main page

3. Select the pool in which you would like to stake you’re earned Gpay token. Click on stake Gpay. A screen will appear to confirm how many Gpay you will like to stake. Enter the amount and click stake now. Confirm the transaction.

4. Staking pool has a lockup period.

How to withdraw Gpay:

1. Gpay withdrawal is done by click the Reward section

2. Your Gpay accrued will appear in the dashboard.

3. Below is a section to confirm how much Gpay to withdraw

4. Click on withdraw reward and a warning message will appear.

5. The warning message will say that all early withdrawals will have a 30% withdrawal fee if withdrawn before the 14-day non-withdrawal period.

6. If the player decides to withdraw they will click to accept the early withdrawal fee and withdrawal to Metamask wallet will start. Confirmation of the transaction will appear and Gpay will be deposited to the Metamask wallet.

7. From there, the player can swap it to desired currency on pancake swap.

Note: When Gpay is in GemGuardian account, it does not accrue interest. Also to fully settle Gpay payment to players, there will be a 14-day non-withdrawal period for Gpay earned. If a player would like to withdraw within the non-withdrawal period, there will be an early withdrawal fee. So we recommend transferring Gpay from the dashboard to the staking pool and accrue interest while waiting for the non-withdrawal period to be over.


Seed Sales 2.5% 2,500,000 GEMG

8 month

Private Sales 8.5% 8,500,000 GEMG

7 month

Public Sales 3.5% 3,500,000 GEMG

6 month

Team 10% 10,000,000 GEMG

24 months, 12.5% quarterly

Game Reserves 30% 30,000,000 GEMG

12 month

Staking Rewards and Burns 20.5% 20,500,000 GEMG

12 month

Marketing, Development, Airdrop 10% 10,000,000 GEMG

19 months, 10% first week, 5% monthly

Company Reserves 10% 10,00,0000 GEMG

19 months, 10% first week, 5% monthly

Advisor 5% 5,000,000 GEMG

24 months, 12.5% quarterly


Transaction Fee is 1–3%. The Beta version will be only a 1% fee. The Alpha version, on the other hand, will be ranging 2–3% fee. All of these fees are subject to changes. Please keep posted from time to time.

Early Withdrawal fees:

All Gpay tokens withdrawn before the 14-day non-withdrawal period are subject to the early withdrawal fees.

Staking and Withdrawal:

Players have the option to lock up their tokens in staking pools to obtain interest or withdraw the tokens. All withdrawal before the 14-day non-withdrawal period is subject to early withdrawal fees.

Even provided the normative mechanics of the game, the in-depth experience of the game still significantly differs. In theory, the player is provided with ample steps on how to generally engage in the game. In practice, the game is more than a game of strategic following steps.

In gaming parlance, “the healthy human mind doesn’t wake up in the morning thinking that this is its last day on Earth.” It means that a player should be always ready to make up for what is missing in his game. He needs to bring out his “A-game” without conditions.

Here, GemGuardian is the game for such a challenge.

Learn more about GemGuardian

Website | Telegram channel| Telegram group | Twitter | Medium | Youtube

More details about GemGuardian: https://gemguardian.io/docs/gemguardian.pdf



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