The Power of In-Game NFTs: How GemGuardian NFTs Maintain Profound Value


Curiosity about NFTs is currently widespread and even homely now that such a word is of cosmopolitan value. NFTs’ existence can be traced back to the year 2014. 7 years later today, NFTs embarked on skyrocketing popularity and worldwide esteem being highly associated with “play-to-earn” gaming and eddying along with other real-world currencies with concrete value.

Both as off-the-wall fuss and as homely discussion, NFTs are not anymore alien to the ears, all the more to those individuals who are amply knowledgable or adept in the profusely panoramic virtual world of the internet. With all this increasing global and promising status in the nearest future, this leads to the genetic question: What exactly are NFTs?

The word NFTs stands for “non-fungible tokens.” For those pedantic with words, it immediately sends the clear message that NFTs are “non-interchangeable” things based online. Of course, they can be bought but not because they are merely digital materials interchangeable with money. The essential thought is that NFTs are purchasable for their distinct and original signatures. NFTs do serve as a distinguishing feature from other facsimiles or even aping versions. To be blunt and sharply precise about this, NFTs are to establish an originating difference from thousands and thousands of copies of a single digital entity; therefore, breeding a sense of ownership over a prototype.

NFTs do not exist in themselves, and that’s one point to be clear at. However, they exist furtively somewhere on a blockchain, which functions as a digital logbook of all transactions made. They are not as clear as the tangible things around a person’s surroundings. To bring more clarity, NFTs are online assets are represented by original digital things, be they art, game characters and items, pictures, GIFs, creative extensions, and so on and so forth.

GemGuardian’s In-Game NFTs:

GemGuardian’s engagement in NFTs that run on the blockchain and creative in-game features enables players to play and earn while enjoying the development and the whole world of the game. Its medieval-fantasy theme encases Guardians, Dragons, items, gems, and many more in-game creations are to be minted with NFTs. The more players’ winnings, the more they acquire and accrue NFTs with their characters.

Apart from the aforementioned in-game creations, GemGuardian has also super rare characters, talking about Guardians and Dragons. Some items cannot be simply found within ordinary gameplay. Purchasing Lootboxes could be suggestive of surprises and more eye-dilating fun and excitement upon employing rigorously thought plans and strategies to accumulate victories and thus more NFTs. Therefore, again, the more investment and winnings, the more NFTs to be accrued over time.

GemGuardian NFTs Maintain Profound Value:

Simply put, GemGuardian is an alternative to other NFT games. However, GemGuardian is not as simple as a player would think of x’s and o’s. Playing its challenging and winding features is tantamount to excreting profuse thought, sweat, and groans without losing the distinct and ecstatic entertainment the game steadfastly bring.

It is already said that the more investment and winnings, the more NFTs to be accrued over time. Another point is, NFTs establish a distinction, individuation, and most importantly, originality — and this is what maintains the profound value of playing GemGuardians, without bearing the pervading pressure of working outside.

The play-to-earn feature of GemGuardian presupposes real-world investment of money, time, and effort; and their equivalence is the most rewarding in the industry. But then, again, it is not just as simple as that. A player must be a “master of his craft,” and this could mean it takes great personal time, effort, and resources to be profoundly valuing himself as a master and, of course, a master with concrete profits.

The profound value cannot be achieved in a single sitting-and-playing of game. This is already anticipated long ago by the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates, when he exclaimed: “Ars longa, vita brevis” — art is long, life is short.

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