STMAN IGO Whitelist Details on GemGuardian

GemGuardian is thrilled to launch the IGO event for STMAN. STMAN is an NFT game of survival with a free-play-and-earn mechanism. It’s a funny and simple game which allows players to earn effortlessly with balanced tokenomics.

IGO Page:
Staking Link (Pools):
Buy $GEMG:

Whitelist opened at: March 5th, 2022 UTC 16:00
Whitelist closed at: March 22nd, 2022 UTC 16:00
Whitelist result announced at: March 23rd 2022

IGO date: March 23rd, 2022 UTC 16:00

Receiving Token Time: TBA

IGO Details:

Token Type: BEP20
Token Ticker: STMAN
Price per Token: $0.075
Total Allocation: $50,000
Vesting Schedule: 10% at listing, 20% monthly for next 4 months
Initial Market Cap: $219,075
Accepted Currency: $BUSD

Tiers Details:

Tier 1:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 1 IGO Lottery Allocation: 1,000

Tier Weight: Non-Guaranteed Allocation ( 1 Lottery Ticket )

Tier 2:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 2 IGO Allocation: 2,500

Tier Weight: 1x

Tier 3:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 3 IGO Allocation: 5,000

Tier Weight: 2x

Tier 4:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 4 IGO Allocation: 10,000

Tier Weight: 4x

Tier 5:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 5 IGO Allocation: 25,000

Tier Weight: 10x

Tier 6:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 6 IGO Allocation: 50,000

Tier Weight: 20x


1) We will take daily snapshots of the pool to ensure qualification status
2) Allocations from different wallets cannot be combined
3) Must complete all steps below and stake GEMG till sales date to qualify.

How to register for the whitelist?

Step 1: Buy $GEMG and stake into staking pool until IGO sales date to qualify for allocations
Step 2: Follow Stickman’s and GemGuardian’s social channels below:
Step 3: Follow Twitter accounts: @STMAN and @GemGuardianNFT,
Step 4: Join Telegram community groups: @stman_official and @GemGuardianOfficialChat
Step 5: Subscribe to telegram announcement channels:@stman_ann and @GemGuardianOfficialChat.
Step 6: Like and retweet this tweet: with hashtags #GemGuardianNFT #Stickman $STMAN $GEMG

Last Step: Just wait for the allocation announcement.

About GemGuardian

GemGuardian is a Deflationary Gamefi IGO Platform with P2P Tournament Style Battles to enhance experience of users and investors alike.

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More details about GemGuardian:


Stickman’s Battleground is an #NFT game with a variety of game modes for players to experience. Particularly, the PvE game mode allows players to earn effortlessly with a balanced tokenomics regulated by an advanced anti-inflation mechanism.

Website | Telegram channel| Telegram group | Twitter | Youtube




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