🔥🔥Guardians Assemble, Battle Testnet and 10,000 GEMG Giveaway Opens in 24 hours!!🚀🚀

⚔GemGuardian Team have worked day and night to bring to our fellow Guardians the best gaming experience. As a result, we are very proud to announce that in 24 hours the testnet/beta version of GemGuardian game will be live. 100 Lucky testnet participants that also joined testnet telegram group, left a feedback, and their wallet address will receive 100 GEMG.

Testnet: https://testnet.gemguardian.io/

✅Testnet Tokens will be sent to whitelisted wallets only.

✅Game will be hosted on BSC Testnet Network

Please Join: https://t.me/GemGuardianTestNet

👉Last 24 hours for Testnet Whitelist: https://forms.gle/6t5H452DcPPQghYB7

Learn more about GemGuardian

More details about GemGuardian: https://gemguardian.io/docs/gemguardian.pdf