GemGuardian X OIG Strategic Partnership

2 min readSep 2, 2021


GemGuardian Team is very excited to announce a strategic partnership with OIG Investment. OIG will help with consultations and an open invitation to their large network, helping with fostering relationships within their ecosystem and network to expand our opportunities and reach.

About OIG

OIG provides one of a kind platform for Crypto Project teams to raise capital, grow supporters, and crypto investors to take part in promising projects.

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About Gem Guardians

Gem Guardians is a revolutionary NFT based card game running on the BSC network and developed by the GemGuardian Games development team based in the Philippines. The game’s core revolves around Guardians battling each other to acquire Aura and levelling up of the Guardian and Increase XP, Attack, defence to level up of the dragon. The progression of both Guardian and Dragon will increase the chances of players obtaining more Gpay rewards.

Game participants will see multiple levels of Lootbox structure where higher levels will cost exponentially more than previous. This brings a major inflow of income into the economy because that is the only way to increase potential income when playing the game.

Gem Guardian will have a multi-token economy. Gemg tokens usage includes governance rights, voting and high apr staking which promotes price stability and constant flow of income from Lootbox sales to the GemGuardian economy. In contrast, Gpay tokens will assume the selling pressure by acting as cash of the economy. The game reserve allocation of Gemg tokens will replenish the liquidity of Gpay and promotes equilibrium between both token pools.

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