GemGuardian Tournament Game Testnet is now open!

Dear Beloved Guardians,

We are happy to announce that all testnet applicants can now access Gemguardian Tournament Game Testnet from

Below is a step by step video guide for GemGuardian Tournament game testnet. Details include how to purchase NFTs, how to increase your skills, how to join tournaments and all information that you will need to know for a better experience. By initiating the testnet feature we can test the functionality and user friendliness of the game. Hundreds of testnet whitelisted applicants will have full access to the testnet and have the ability to leave a constructive feedback of the game; in order for the GemGuardian Team to improve and upgrade the ecosystem for a successful mainnet launch.

GemGuardian Tournament Game Testnet Demo:

About GemGuardian

GemGuardian is a Deflationary Gamefi IGO Platform with P2P Tournament Style Battles to enhance experience of users and investors alike.

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More details about GemGuardian:

GemGuardian Tournament Game Testnet Demo:



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