GemGuardian Testnet Instructions 🔥

GemGuardian team is delighted to announce that 13,000+ people applied for the testnet whitelisting event. All applicants have already received testnet GEMG and GPAY tokens to their testnet wallets. Please follow steps below to add testnet tokens and access the dapp to test the game.

🌐 Step 1

Set up the Binance Smart Chain Testnet Network

💰 Step 2

Add GEMG and GPAY Testnet Tokens:



👉 Step 3

Access Dapp:

💎 Step 4

Purchase Guardian and Dragon Lootbox

⚔Step 5

Start Testing :)

Note: A detailed game walkthrough guide and giveaway details will be announced later. In the meantime, applicants can check if they have received the Testnet tokens and start playing.

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