GemGuardian NFT Game Walkthrough

Below is a step by step walkthrough guide for GemGuardian NFT game testnet. Details include how to battle, purchase NFTs, auction NFTs, and NFT staking. By initiating the testnet feature we can test the functionality and user friendliness of the game. 13,000+ testnet whitelisted applicants will have full access to the testnet and have the ability to leave a constructive feedback of the game; in order for the GemGuardian Team to improve and upgrade the ecosystem for a successful mainnet launch.

How recruit NFT Characters

  1. Add BSC Testnet Network
  2. Access Site:

3. Click on Guardian Section on dashboard

4. Click on Guardian Lootbox

5. Approve GEMG

6. Confirm GEMG approval

7. Approve and Confirm Gpay transaction

8. Recruit and Confirm the Guardian

Note: If Guardian does not appear, please right click on mouse and reload page.

9. Click on Dragon Section

10. Click on Dragon Lootbox

11. Approve both GEMG and Gpay

12. Confirm both GEMG and Gpay approvals

13. Recruit Dragon

14. Confirm Dragon Recruit Transaction

How to Battle:

  1. Goto battle section and select the Guardian of choice

2. Select the Dragon of Choice

3. After 4 opponents appear, select the desired opponent to battle by clicking Fight

4. Confirm battle transaction

5. Wait for battle results

6. Battle results will show with earnings if the the player wins

NFT Staking

  1. Click Stake on dashboard

2. Click Stake Now

3. Approve NFT staking transaction

4. Enter amount of GEMG tokens that is desired to be staked and approve

5. Confirm NFT staking transaction

6. Click Stake to stake the desired GEMG tokens

7. Confirm the transaction

Claiming Gpay Rewards

  1. Click on Claim Tokens

2. Confirm transaction

3. Gpay on claim section will be deducted and withdrawn to the players wallet


How to Purchase NFT?

  1. Find desired NFT and click purchase button below it

2. Confirm direct purchase transaction

1A. Another way is to click the NFT

2A. Can do direct purchase by clicking purchase now

How to use Auction?

  1. Click on make offer

2. Enter desired bidding amount and click offer

3. Confirm transaction and done.

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