GemGuardian IGO Pool Structure

4 min readJan 20, 2022

Gem Guardian is ecstatic to announce our IGO Platform Launch, providing a strong utility to the GEMG Governance token. Below are the structure and rules to staking GEMG to participate in IGOs.

Users start by staking GEMG in one of the 6 pools. Duration of lock, minimum amount of GEMG required, APR, early withdrawal taxes on rewards, pool weights, and tiers are stated below.

Rules for GEMG Stakers in Pools and Tiers:

There are 6 pools and 6 tiers. Each staking pool has a different lock duration and APR. The longer the lock duration, the higher the APR. Each tier has a different minimum stake requirement to qualify and different allocation weights.

Pool Information:

Users can choose to stake in any pool that they wish with no minimums or maximums. You can stake additional GEMG to a pool that you’re already staked in and stake in multiple pools if you choose to.

Contrary to the previous staking pool locking method, the new pools will not have a countdown timer until the unstaking process has started. The unlock countdown timer only starts when a user confirms to unstake their GEMG holdings from the pool. Once the unstaking process starts, tokens in that pool will no longer be added to the Tiers for allocation rights.

Example: If a user in the 15 Days Pool decides to start the unstake process and clicks on the unstake button, the 15-day countdown timer will then start. When the 15 days are up, GEMG becomes withdrawable. User will continue to receive APR rewards during and after the unstaking process, up until their GEMG is withdrawn. However, those tokens in the 15 Day Pool will no longer be added to their Tier for IGO allocations once the unstaking process starts.

Pools Details:

5 Days Pool:
Lock Duration: 5 days
APR: 40%
Early Reward Withdrawal Tax: 5%

10 Days Pool:
Lock Duration:
10 days
APR: 60%
Early Reward Withdrawal Tax: 10%

15 Days Pool:
Lock Duration:
15 days
APR: 80%
Early Reward Withdrawal Tax: 15%

20 Days Pool:
Lock Duration: 20 Days
APR: 100%
Early Reward Withdrawal Tax: 20%

30 Days Pool:
Duration Lock:
30 days
APR: 150%
Early Reward Withdrawal Tax: 30%

60 Days Pool:
Lock Duration:
60 days
APR: 200%
Early Reward Withdrawal Tax: 30%

Note: The early reward withdrawal tax fee decreases by 1% per day if the reward is not claimed. When claimed, the early reward withdraw tax will reset.

Tiers Information:

A User’s Tier is dependent on total amount of GEMG staked in the pools as they can stake in multiple pools. The system will add up all the GEMG that they have staked between all the pools to calculate which Tier they’re in. Any pool where the unstake process has started will not be included within the Tier calculation.

Example: If a user has 5,000 GEMG staked in the 60 Days Pool and 20,000 GEMG staked in the 10 Days Pool, their total amount of GEMG staked is 25,000. This will qualify them for Tier 5 allocations.

Tiers Details:

Tier 1:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 1 IGO Lottery Allocation: 1,000

Tier Weight: Non-Guaranteed Allocation ( 1 Lottery Ticket )

Tier 2:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 2 IGO Allocation: 2,500

Tier Weight: 1x

Tier 3:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 3 IGO Allocation: 5,000

Tier Weight: 2x

Tier 4:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 4 IGO Allocation: 10,000

Tier Weight: 4x

Tier 5:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 5 IGO Allocation: 25,000

Tier Weight: 10x

Tier 6:

Minimum GEMG Staked for Tier 6 IGO Allocation 50,000

Tier Weight: 20x

Rules for FCFS and Gem Guardian NFT Holders:

Players who hold at least 4 dragon or guardian NFTs will be able to participate in the FCFS round. The allocation amount will be equal to pool 1 allocation.

Example: User needs to have at least 4 dragon or 4 guardian NFTs to participate in FCFS. If a user has 4 dragon NFTs and 0 guardian NFTs, they will qualify. If a user has 2 dragon NFTs and 2 guardian NFTs, they will NOT qualify.

Stake Rewards and Emissions

New pools will continue to pay out high APR rewards, where 6 different pools are integrated with different APR rates and a common emission calculation. We are a community project so our priority will always be our community. According to our token plan, a sizable supply of tokens is dedicated to staking rewards. Therefore, APR rates will continue at the highest emission-based level. APR rates may automatically increase/decrease as the number of participants increases or decreases.


Allocation rights will be forfeited as soon as you start the unstake process. After unstaking, you cannot reverse the process or add more stake to that pool. You must wait until the timer ends and withdraw your tokens to re-enter and receive IGO rights to that pool again.

Please make the right decision according to your investment strategy. When the unstake module starts, you lose the IGO allocation rights. Even if you change your mind, you cannot use that same stake pool again until the timer ends.


About GemGuardian

GemGuardian is a rewarding fantasy based NFT Card Game on the BSC and Matic Network. We utilize the Dual Token economy to promote price sustainability, but at the same time keeping the game fun and lucrative. Players acquire Guardians and Dragons to battle and earn in game rewards that can be staked for more lucrative rewards such as NFTs and APY.

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