Gemguardian Groundbreaking Update!

2 min readApr 3, 2022

GemGuardian team would like to share a series of significant developments with our community:

1) We Refunded All Private & Seed GEMG remaining tokens distributions.

In the last four months’ decline in the Crypto world, we have been negatively affected by the market conditions. During this decline, we would like to announce that we have bought back nearly 2M (Seed, Private, Advisor, KOL’s) tokens from the market as of April, together with 500k USD more buyback, 400k USD liquidation, and around 3M GEMG income (transaction fee, game incomes, etc.).

2) All GEMG tokens bought back by the project from Private and Seed investors will be BURNT.

With this last buyback, we have withdrawn nearly 5M of GEMG from the market. This amount corresponds to 17% of the circulating supply, making it the most significant buyback and burn from any project.

3) In celebration of a significant supply reduction, we would like to also mention a successful testnet of the GEMG tournament. News of the GEMG Tournament Mainnet Launch will be announced shortly.

4) Majority of the seed and private investors have pledged to buyback their GEMG from the open market in an effort to support the project and mark the era of the Gemguardian Ecosystem.

We would like to thank all our valued investors and business partners for their support in this decision. Our team will promise to strive to bring GemGuardian project to the next level.

About GemGuardian

GemGuardian is a Deflationary Gamefi IGO Platform with P2P Tournament Style Battles to enhance experience of users and investors alike.

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