Gem Guardian’s Rewards Calculator is Live now!!!

The Rewards Calculator will allow you to calculate your potential earnings in our fun and exciting play-to-earn NFT game. Follow the instructions below in the game to see your potential earnings. Gem Guardian Game

  1. Start by clicking on the top right where your wallet is. Then select “Reward Calculator”.

2. This will bring up the pop-up “Reward Calculator” where you’ll be able to see your potential payout based on how many Guardians/Dragons you own. Start by clicking “Add Set”. You can add up to 4 sets as this is the maximum number of Guardians/Dragons pairs that you can have at once.

3. There are additional factors such as the level of your Guardians/Dragons and the number of battles that you win, which will impact your rewards. You can toggle with the levels and battles won to view your potential daily rewards. This is an example with different guardian levels and battles won.

4. You will notice the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly rewards change as you toggle through the different possibilities of levels and battles won. The higher level your guardian, the higher your chances of winning the battles. The more battles won, the more rewards you will get. The ”Daily”, “Weekly”, and “Monthly” rewards are directly correlated to the current price of GPay.

Play around with the calculator by inputting your current setup or max it all out to see your full potential!

About GemGuardian

GemGuardian is a rewarding fantasy based NFT Card Game on the BSC Network. We utilize the Dual Token economy to promote price sustainability, but at the same time keeping the game fun and lucrative. Player will acquire Guardian and Dragons to battle and earn in game rewards that can be staked for a lucrative APY.

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