Dinoland IGO Allocations + Details

2 min readJan 23, 2022


Presenting the first IGO project on GemGuardian, DinoLand. DinoLand is a 3D metaverse NFT play-to-earn game where you can collect, battle, evolve, breed, and trade Dinos. Get ready to immerse yourself in the 3D world and experience the emotions of the Dinos as you control them around the world.

IGO Details

Token Type: BEP20
Price per Token: $0.017
Total Allocation: $50,000
Vesting Schedule: 18% at TGE, 20.5% vesting every month throughout 4 months
Initial Market Cap: $297,500
Accepted Currency:

Raise Date: January 23rd, 2022
PCS Listing: February 9th, 2022
Location & IGO Page & Timer: https://igo.gemguardian.io/ido/project/61e951407c55acb8d45527d0

IGO Allocation Distributions:

Tier 6:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 420 BUSD ( ~$420)

Tier 5:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 210 BUSD ( ~$210)

Tier 4:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 84 BUSD ( ~$84)

Tier 3:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 42 BUSD ( ~$42)

Tier 2:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Each Allocation Amount: 21 BUSD ( ~$21)

Tier 1:
Time: UTC 16:00–19:00
Lottery Winners: 185
Each Allocation Amount: 21 BUSD ( ~$21)

Tier 1 Winner List: http://gemguardian.io/dinoland-tier1.txt

FCFS Rounds
1. FCFS NFT Round* (NFT holders) will start UTC 20:00–20:30 or till sold out

2. FCFS Round* will start UTC 20:30 — till sold out
Each Allocation Amount: 21 BUSD ( ~$21)

*Must have at least 4 dragons or 4 guardians NFTs during whitelisting to purchase in “FCFS NFT Round”. If all allocations are sold out in 1st FCFS NFT round, there will not be a 2nd “FCFS Round” at UTC 20:30.

FCFS NFT Holders List:


About GemGuardian

GemGuardian is a rewarding fantasy based NFT Card Game on the BSC and Matic Network. We utilize the Dual Token economy to promote price sustainability, but at the same time keeping the game fun and lucrative. Players acquire Guardians and Dragons to battle and earn in game rewards that can be staked for more lucrative rewards such as NFTs and APY.